“These people are amazing, they just want to help you.”

Fresh out of high school, Ke’Arah wasn’t sure what her path was. She had worked in retail and knew she enjoyed working with others, but not necessarily for others, and college wasn’t something she wanted to immediately pursue.



Her mother, Tina, gave Ke’Arah her first camera at 16 and she soon discovered a passion for photography. With her creativity sparked, after she graduated high school, Ke’Arah started taking photos and posting them to her Instagram account, Faith & Photos (_faith.n.photos_). Ke’Arah had always loved fashion and styling and used that to create thoughtfully staged photoshoots.


Through social media and word of mouth, Ke’Arah gained several clients in the following months and shot family portraits, business headshots, weddings and a quinceañera.


Ke’Arah was inspired to start her own company after watching her parents try their hand at different ventures and businesses throughout her life. Their tenacity and belief in themselves showed her how to believe in and push herself to reach her goals.

Tina had been involved with REI Oklahoma’s Women’s Business Center and knew that Ke’Arah needed to get plugged into its programs and trainings, so she brought her to an Oklahoma City Women’s Business Breakfast.


Having to introduce herself and speak in front a room full of other businesswomen pushed her out of her comfort zone. Ke’Arah shared how she was moved and inspired hearing the other women share their peaks and valleys—having that representation reassured her that she could be a business owner, too.


When asked what she thought following her first REI Oklahoma event, Ke’Arah shared “These people are amazing, they just want to help you.”


Afterward, Tina could tell a difference in Ke’Arah.


“I’ve noticed the confidence that she’s gained—it’s been awesome. I’ve known it’s always been there. As a parent it’s hard to guide your child into who you see that they can be. Watching her come out of her shell has been amazing.”


Tina found out about REI Oklahoma in 2017 and has since taken several of our online classes and attended the OKC Women’s Business Breakfasts. As she’s explored different business ventures on her entrepreneurial path she’s found encouragement and support from the community she’s met through REI Oklahoma.


“I know that this is a good place to ask for help and get guidance on her process,” Tina said. “If Ke’Arah can put in the work, I know you guys will get her taken care of.”



She also thinks it’s important for young people to know that resources like REI Oklahoma exist, providing free trainings, workshops and resources. Not everyone wants to or can afford to go to college so it is important for young people to know that they will find the help if they choose a different path.


College could be in Ke’Arah’s future, but she’s excited to pursue Faith & Photos and develop her business management skills now. Without seeing examples of other women business owners and having these learning opportunities, Ke’Arah would not have been able to pursue her career goals with as much focus as she has been.

Tina and Ke’Arah have told childhood friends and their parents about REI Oklahoma and have been excited to share this resource with other young people with business ideas.


“Someone’s dream could just stay a dream for the rest of their lives,” Ke’Arah said. “Having a community and so many resources to help you in one organization is really helpful.”



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Ke’Arah – here’s to helping people achieve their dreams.

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