Commercial Facilities

Commercial Space Available

We have commercial business space available for accommodating many types of start-up or expanding businesses from smaller, customizable office space to larger warehouse or manufacturing space. REI Oklahoma provides business assistance to reduce the risk of failure and help develop businesses into wealth generating and job creating entities.

Benefits For Tenants:

  • Consistent business assistance
  • Access to capital
  • Publicity in news releases, social media, etc.

REI Oklahoma Commercial Kitchen – Our commercial kitchen provides food-related businesses a home to prepare, process and package their product. The facility is located in Durant.

LEED Silver building  – We operate a LEED Silver building located in Durant, and the first one in southern Oklahoma. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an internationally recognized certification program of the U.S. Green Building Council that rates projects in specific areas to satisfy green building requirements.


Commercial Space Locations

durant facilityLocation: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 6,000
Facility Features: Office space, restrooms, overhead doors, conference room availability, fenced parking
Occupied: KT Plastics



office spaceLocation: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 1,000
Facility Features: Office space and restrooms. Your business will have conference room availability and access to high speed internet. Although this space housed computer technology businesses in the past, it could accommodate a variety of business types. The space can be left open or filled with separate cubicles – tailor this versatile room to fit your business’s unique needs perfectly!
Occupied: Financial Equipment Co.


Location: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 4,500
Facility Features: Office space, restrooms, conference room availability, video conferencing center, high speed internet, computer training center
Current Status:
Gabbart Communications
Seneca Construction

leed facilityLocation: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 10,000
Facility Features: This is a LEED Silver certified building. It features energy efficient building systems, sustainable building materials, a metal roof, high efficiency plumbing, water efficient landscaping, recycled building materials and low-VOC paints, sealants, adhesives and carpets were used in the construction of the building. Offices, video conferencing, restrooms, handicapped parking, and spacious parking.
Occupied: School of Choctaw Language



commercial kitchenLocation: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 2,500
Facility Features: 1,600 square feet commercial kitchen with oven, range, titling brazing pan, deep fryer, griddle, tilting kettle, food processor, peeler, microwave, slicer, ice machine, wash sinks, work tables, reach in refrigerator and freezer, walk in refrigerator and freezer. Offices, Restrooms, Washroom, Handicapped parking and truck access.
Occupied: Round Top Grill


Location: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 15,000
Facility Features: Commercial/Industrial Facility – This 15,000 square foot facility has a very flexible design. It will accommodate a combination of operations like manufacturing, warehouse, assembly and office functions. A spacious parking lot and loading docks are additional features.
Occupied: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


Location: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 30,350
Facility Features: Commercial/Industrial Facility, Tilt Up Construction, 1,500 sq. ft. existing office space, HVAC Ventilation, 22 ft. to ceiling joists, 5 truck docks with overhead doors (10×12), Automatic fire sprinkler system, High pressure lighting within, Paved truck docking & parking, Utilities not included, Other features: paved access road, 28 ft. sidewall, flat roof, 3,000# concrete slab
Occupied: Choctaw Nation Recycling


Location: Durant
Area (sq. ft.): 10,000
Facility Features: Office space, restrooms, overhead doors, conference room availability, fenced parking
Chemtica USA, LLC
Tex Comm Company, LLC