“I am able to run my business on my terms.”

After 15 years of a successful career in IT, Melena decided it was time for a change.


Melena has always been drawn to the healthcare world. She wanted to better care for herself and her family in a more natural and holistic way.


She left IT and took a job at a local chiropractic practice where she worked as the receptionist and scheduler. Her eyes were opened, and everything changed when the owner took her to an industry conference.


At 38, Melena decided to return to school to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.


Not only did she obtain her degree, but Melena also took additional steps to prepare her for success in launching her practice. In 2012, she learned about REI Oklahoma and the various programs and services offered. Melena soon connected with us through our Women’s Business Center, where team members helped her by providing resources and one-to-one counseling.


“They were able to connect me with resources to help me build my business plan and look at demographics for the business I was starting,” shared Melena. “Their support helped me get a feel for the competition in my area and understand market trends.”


Melena launched InBalance Chiropractic & Wellness at the end of 2013 and officially opened its doors in January 2014. InBalance Chiropractic & Wellness will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in December.


She began on a shoestring budget and took a second mortgage on her home to launch her business, which started in about 800 square feet and only offered chiropractic care.

Five years later, her business was busting at the seams. To meet the growth, Melena more than doubled her office space and worked with other small business owners by adding additional services like massage therapy, red light services, acupuncture and more.


What Melena likes most about owning her own business is its freedom and flexibility.


“I am able to run my business on my terms. There are as many ways to practice chiropractic medicine as there are chiropractors”, shared Melena. “I am able to adapt the business to services and a pace that suits me, and I am also able to help others grow their businesses by providing a space for other small businesses and share resources amongst ourselves.”


When asked what she would tell others looking to start their own business or even grow the one they have, she said, “Definitely start first with REI Oklahoma! For example, through their Women’s Business Center you will have access to many great classes and staff willing to help and coach you on your journey.”


She continued, “And for a new business owner, the fact that the services are free makes a huge difference when funds are tight just starting out.”


We are inspired by people like Melena every day.


To those who support our mission, Melena says thank you! “You are helping the next generation of women business owners feel empowered and supported in starting a new business.”


“Because of your generosity, women who would not normally feel like they can start a business have an abundance of resources to become independent and allow their ideas and creativity to be shared with the world.”


Well done, Melena. Well done!



“And for a new business owner, the fact that the services are free makes a huge difference when funds are tight just starting out.”




Dr. Melena Keeth, Owner
InBalance Chiropractic & Wellness
300 N Meridian, Suite 6
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 445-6126 | drmelena@gmail.comhttps://www.inbalanceokc.com
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